Business cards

Standard - 4/4 colored
Folded - short side
Folded - long side
Business cards: isn’t the first impression important?

Business cards exchange has become an every day event not only in the professional context but also in private life.

Here at Flyermachine, we think that their effect is usually under-estimated. If you want to impress your contacts at first sight, do not hesitate to entrust the printing of your business cards to 1-2 print. By ordering your business cards with us, you will get a high-quality paper but also nice finishing and affordable prices but, most importantly, reliable production times.

For instance, as we know that it is important to have quality business cards in order to spread a better corporate identity, we do not print our business cards on gsm lower than 300 or 350 gsm.
The matt lamination or the glossy UV varnish that we provide you with produces a particularly nice silk effect while giving a pleasant touch.

Because the printing quality and the differentiation is also linked to colours, 1-2 print doesn’t only print on 4/4 coloured but also on Pantone and HKS colours and offers extra options such as spot UV varnish or embossing. Do not hesitate to ask us for some advice on that.

Regarding the format, business cards on our website are usually offered single or double-sided, simple or folded.

In general, if you want to print fast and “cheap”, we recommend you to keep the standard card format of 8.5x5.5 cm. Knowing that, 1-2 print suggests printing the standard format with express or in overnight if needed.

For those who have more information to communicate or who would like to distinguish themselves, we recommend folded business cards folded on the long or short side. Of course, these business cards are unfolded delivered so as to guarantee you a good quality. For example, you could print a summary of your services or an access plan to your offices directly on these business cards. Or why don’t you simply use it as loyalty card or pocket calendar?

Little tricks for the creation of your business cards:

Normally, it is recommended to put your name on the top because it’s the key information to highlight. Do not forget to add, if you want, some pictures on your business cards in order to create a more personal impression for your contacts.

Generally, you have to work on the structure of your business cards to ensure the good readability of your information. If you need some advice on that, do not hesitate to contact us at any time. Our advisors will ensure that the business cards you print at 1-2 print are unique.

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1.000 Leaflets 6-sided

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£49.00 net
£49.00 gross

1,000 Leaflets 6-sided, folded to DL, letter fold
135 gsm art paper print, glossy


£49.00 NET
£49.00 GROSS

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