Letter paper Compliment Slips

90 gsm
Laser & Inkjet guaranteed

letterhead - an indispensable tool for any business!

Today, letterheads still remain a very useful means of communication for businesses since you can use them to print a many items such as invoices, quotes, or informative letters. Writing good letters on high quality letterheads gives a very good image of your company.

Even for private individuals, bear in mind that it is very affordable to print your own letterheads online. You can then customise your letters, handwritten or not.

At Flyermachine you can print your letterheads from 1,000 pieces on a high-quality 90 gsm offset paper at a very affordable price. And as always, we give the opportunity to those who are in a hurry to order with an express turnaround time option.

The offset paper used by Flyermachine allows printing with a laser and inkjet printers.

Normally, letterheads are printed on an A4 or A5 size paper. Compliment slips for example are printed on a special format, 9.9 x 21cm.

You can print your letterheads on 1 side or both sides. Usually, companies use the back of the letterhead to print their terms and conditions.

Some tips to create your letterheads:

It is very important that the design of your letterheads belongs to your corporate identity; rather modern and simple or colourful and eye catching. Most of all, some simple rules must be respected in the structure of your letterhead to ensure a good readability and professionalism. Therefore, it is better to use the bottom of the letterhead for the text and thus keeping the top to emphasising the logo.

If necessary, our Flyermachine team of advisors can help you in the creation of your template, in both technical and graphic points. Do not hesitate to ask us if you need advise.

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1.000 Leaflets 6-sided

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1,000 Leaflets 6-sided, folded to DL, letter fold
135 gsm art paper print, glossy


£49.00 NET
£49.00 GROSS

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